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Advertising Policy 
(Last modified on Novemer 26, 2017)
MBN offers a website for local merchants to showcase everyday products and services. Our goal is to have a complete and comprehensive listing from which visitors and members can choose. In consideration, we are offering your business a few advertising options on our website. We will work diligently to get traffic to our site via Radio, Social, Print & Digital Media. We will market our network for prosperity and we wish your company the best of success. Thank you for being part of our community endeavor, we thank you for your business.

Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as a warranty, either express or implied, on the part of either Party that (a) MBN’s Advertisement will yield clients via products or services sold or (b) the outcome of the Advertising program will be commercially exploitable in any respect. MBN has no control over what merchants, businesses or services clients choose when visiting its website.

Advertising Options:
1.)Business Listing: A basic listing inclusive of business name, contact person, address, phone number, email address, website.
2.)Sidebar Advertisement: A 300 X 600 Banner under the category for your business type or service offered. Offers additional
     exposure to customers.
3.)Landing Page Advertisement: A 300 X 600 Banner on our MAIN PAGE. Offers the most exposure to potential customers.
4.)Combo Package: A 300 X 600 Sidebar Banner under the category for your business type or service offered and a company

Advertising Acceptance:
MBN has the right to reject any advertisement deemed inappropriate. Please review the following prohibited list:
1.Alcohol advertisements
2.Ammunition , firearms, fireworks and or weapons
3.Any marketing directed towards children
4.Pornography of any sort
5.Gambling, lottery or sweepstakes
6.Any ad resembling a “miracle cure” in part or whole

Nothing in this advertisement policy creates a Partnership, Joint Venture, or Agency relationship. As it’s related to Business Relationships, neither party has the authority to bind the other party in any decisions. 

Client hereby represents and warrants that, if required, it’s business is licensed by the State of the Maryland to practice the services which is the subject of this Agreement. Client covenants that he will maintain its license in good standing throughout the term of this Agreement and that he will provide prompt notice to MBN in the event its license is reprimanded, suspended or revoked.  

If Client desires MBN to use specific images for the design of its advertisement, Client has the responsibility to provide electronic images to MBN via email in jpg, gif or png format and ensure Client has the right to utilize images for their intended purposes.  

It is the sole responsibility of Client to ensure that it has all rights, permissions and releases required for any content and images it provides to MBN to utilize in the design, development and maintenance of Client’s advertisement. By clicking “yes” before submission of business information, Client attests it has the legal rights, permissions and/or releases to utilize content and images provided to MBN.

Paypal Buttons:
MBN will design and transfer HTML generated code to link merchant account from Paypal to create electronic payment buttons for the Client’s advertisement. If Client does not already have a PayPal account established, it is the sole responsibility of Client to obtain such account.  

In order to set-up payment button functionality for Client, MBN may require access to Client’s PayPal account if Client is unable to generate Paypal code. If necessary, Client is responsible for providing the necessary PayPal access information to MBN. Prices for Client’s products and services will be set by Client.

Should Client choose to have MBN link its PayPal buttons, Client understands that MBN may have access to some of Client’s confidential information (e.g. bank account number, routing number, credit card number, and merchant account information). MBN does not save or store the Client’s proprietary information and agrees to use reasonable and customary practices to safeguard Client’s confidential information. 

MBN will only access Client’s PayPal account to make changes to Client’s PayPal buttons after authorization from the Client. As a safeguard, it is PayPal’s business practice to notify its members via email of any changes made to a member’s account. It is the Client’s sole responsibility to notify PayPal if client believes there is an error or unauthorized transaction or activity associated with Account.

The Client is responsible for maintaining the secrecy and security of any user information and/or passwords. Should MBN require Client’s password(s) in the process of doing business, Client is urged to change password(s) after the transaction is complete or develop a temporary password for MBN’s use.

All page corrections & file uploads are due no later than midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the 20th of each month for any advertisement appearing the following month. 

Please review the following advertising policy. You are required to terminate conducting business
 with MBN if you do not agree with any of the Terms of use in this Advertising Policy.